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My top 5 - Hair products

These products work amazing with or without Hair in extensions. 
If you it follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll know I got Hair ein Extensions by Platinum Hair Extensions - Grafton st. City center, Dublin. 
I use these products every time I wash my hair.
Couldn't shower without them
This product is from the brand Paint Box
Can be purchased from Terri sales.
This Is only necessary for my hair colour.
If you are a Plum/Cherry, this is amazing for giving your hair colour a boost of richness.
This should be used when your hair is damp/wet in the shower 
'which makes it really handy'
I would reccomend using disposable gloves as it stains.
Pull through hair from root to tip, evenly.
leave for a couple of minutes. Allow time to develope/stain.
These color bombs come in a range of different shades.
Great to make your hair colour vibriant.
I use: Vendtta Red
A cherry with a plum undertone.
After leaving for about ten minutes I rinse out.
Next up Platinum Shampoo & Conditioner
Can be purchased online from
Or in the Platinum studio/shop.
Great for use with extensions. Smells delicious.
I use the Shampoo from root to tip.
I then use the Platinum conditoner to nurish & add moisture to the hair extensions.
I manly use this mid way to ends of hair.
I leave for 3-5mins & just rinse through before I get out of the shower.
I actually really love that they are both in pump bottles.
Makes life easier!!
I just sit them in my shower & pump out the product when I need it.
Both have the same scent.
I've actually had these two bottles for a few months now.
they've lasted me ages, it's probably because they have the pump nossle. You use less product.
This product is a must have for me.
I use this everytime I get out of the shower.
I towel dry my hair & spray this Platinum - leave in conditioner from root to tip, evenly throughout the hair.
This makes my hair smell extra nice & makes it so much easier to brush through.
The platinum products are great because they're designed for natural hair or with extensions/wigs.
This protein spray provides moisture & restores the hair to its natural PH. I use it mainly as a detangler. 
So handy to avoid knotting or matting of extensions. Gives you a smooth finish high in shine. Water based so no greasiness.
If you have extensions, you cannot survive wuthout one of these.
Tangle Tamer - hair brush
Also great if you have knots in your natural hair.
Less breakage & makes brushing around the area of the bond easier.
Sold in boots.
This & the Platinum protein spray are such a good combo to have.
After I use the leave in conditioner generously throughout the hair & it's brushed. I like to use this particular product for volume.
Pureology is a clear lquid/gel that creates texture in your hair & volume without making it greasy.
You use this product while the hair is damp.
A little goes a long way. A couple of drops will do, rub onto the tips pf your fingers & mainly push into the root of the hair where volumes needed. Great if you have very soft hair. Making it easier to style.

All you need to do is blow dry the hair whatever way you want & you're ready to go. Smooth, beautifully smelly, gorgeously shiney, salon looking hair.

Ps. So pleased with my extensions for those who ask.
I feel so glam. Worth every penny!!
Mine are bonded extensions, done by Onagh in Platinum, Grafton street.
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