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Brows - Eyebrow Essentials (perfection)

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Above: Sleek Makeup - Brow Kit: Dark

Comes in 4 shades: Light, dark, extra dark & black
Comes with Mirror in lid
'Sleek' packaging literally!
Small, compact, perfect for travel.
Fits in the palm of my hand.
Above: All ingredients listed.
Not tested on animals.
Let's look inside..
A wax.
A powder.
A flat brush.
An angled brush & a tweezers.
All ready to create the perfect brows.
Above: Without flash
  Above: With flash
As handy as they are.. those little brushes are no use to a Makeup artist like myself.
However I have had to use them in them sticky situations were you may have forgotten your brow brush or tweezers.
The brushes are synthetic hair & are fine to do the job.
The only downfall is.. I'm use to working with long handle brushes as an artist so I find it difficult to use these, not much control or have flexibility in your hand.
For a regular person, these will get you by..
Above: A close up on the brushes & tweezers
I would use the angled brush for shaping the brows, for use with wax then powder.
I would use the flat brush as a concealer brush to sculpt & tidy lines around the brow, if needed.

Above: Photo, true to colour.
We'll start with the wax..
My favorite.
A highly pigmented wax, that's not too greasy nor too dry.
A must have for defining the brow.
I use the wax for definition & sculpting out my shape/template 
(before) applying the brow powder.
Gives a nice shine to the hair.
Provides a base for the powder to stick to in areas where there is little or no hair.
I don't believe it sticks hairs down.
But beautiful consistency, no patchiness in pigmentation when product is spread.

'Be careful not to use to much or too little'
Application is key.
 The brow powder.
I use this (after) I have applied the wax in areas to set the wax in place, to add texture
or blend out areas.

What is the difference between a brow powder & an eyeshadow?
A brow powder has less pigment in it so you can build the product.
An eyeshadow is strongly pigmented, can be used lightly but usually has high intensity of colour.
Using a brow powder will give you a more natural finish & will help if your a little heavy handed.
Above: Two swatches of the brow wax, on my arm.
You can see from this image the pigmentation,
the definition you can get from the product if you use a good brush.

 If you lean a light pressure you get a thicker line.
As you take the pressure off the brush you get a thinner line.
You just need to keep control to create straight or curved lines.
Above: You can see alongside the brow wax I've applied the brow powder.
Less pigmented but a good texture (matte finish)
Less definition, giving more of a natural finish 
& helps blend out the front of the brow so you haven't a sharp edge.
Above: Sigma beauty E75
This particular duo ended brush came in the Sigma brow expert kit that I will also be talking about.
Want to buy the brow brush by itself?
Click 'here'
Above: Close up of the Sigma: Angled brow brush (synthetic)
Can be bought with a copper or 18k gold barrel
Above: Comes with spoolie for lashes.
However I use this to comb through the brows instead to give a more natural look
& to blend the product.
Above: Two swatches. Sleek makeup's brow wax in dark
I used the sigma brow brush to create these thin lines.

A good brow brush & a steady paw is essential to clean, structured lines.
You can see the pigmentation of the wax & it's blendable formula across the skin
Above: Two swatches. Sleek Makeup's brow powder in dark.
I used the same brush. You can see the powder gives a more natural finish, easy to blend.
Use on top of the wax to set it in place & mattify if needed.

Keeping brows well groomed.
What's needed?
Above: Sigma's Expert trimmer - Expert brow kit
A must have for trimming those brows they come up to high or fall below your arch.
Above: Expert trimmer along with Sigma's Expert Tweezer from the - Expert brow kit.
A great Tweezers is a must have!!
Clean brows = a clean finish to the eyes.
This 'expert tweeze' gets all the nitty gritty hairs & has a super sharp tip.
Above: Sigma's - Brow wax pencil
This pencil is underestimated.
Not many brands sell a brow wax\pencil that will 'actually' hold eyebrows down
or drag them into place.

It's like a glue-stick
Such a strong hold.
It's clear.
Excellent for anyone that has them little hairs that grow in all the wrong directions.
You don't wanna pluck them hairs away or you'll loose thickness & shape
This brow wax pencil is your saver!

Lastly, the finishing touches..
 Above: Mac - Full coverage foundation
I use this product to highlight around the newly shaped brow.

Can be used to clean up the outline of the shape you've created.
However I always say you should be able to create perfect lines by hand.
This will improve your skills & train you to become better.
Concealing your mess should be the last option!

Use your F75 - flat concealer brush with a fine edge to do so.
Above: Sigma's: Ray of light - Highlighting duo

Right: Uhhh so pretty as a matte highlight for the brow bone.
A cream/lemon.
You can see I've been using it like crazy.
Suited to light - dark skin tones.

Left: I feel like the gold would highlight a dark skin tone
but it's not light enough as 'my' lightest colour for highlighting the skin.
 But can easily be used on the eyes as a pretty shimmery shadow.
The texture of these are a high standard.

Well there you have it!!
 The essentials to Perfect Eyebrows

You may have seen similar products but these just aren't the same.
 Affordable products at a better standard!

Would I repurchase all the above?
Hell yeah :)

Thanks for stopping by..
An eyebrow tutorial using my faves,
coming soon to my youtube channel
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Love alwasys,

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