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Review - Wow Brown Tan

Use Wow & you're Brown!
It's true...
This tan is exactly what you need to become an instant golden goddess...

I always get asked about false tan from regular clients such as brides to hundreds of followers & subscribers.
So todays the day I share all my Beauty Tips & Tricks with all of you.

Wow Brown is my All time favorite false tan!
I've tried many different brands & formulas of fake tan & for me, nothing beats it.

'Above' you can see they have:
 Two different types of formulas



with three different shades.

DIY "Do it yourself" 
Is a lotion/cream that comes in two shades: 
or Medium/Dark  

 Ready to Glo
Is a liquid/spray tan
With a 100ml of product, its the perfect size to take with you if your traveling on the plane.

'Above' you can see two different types of packaging
'Left' is their older packaging
'Right' is their new packaging

This is a dark tanning liquid, similar to a spray tan at home.
This one in particular is my fave & definitely for the girls that are trying to get a deep tan from a bottle without damaging your skin from the sun.

I will be doing a separate review on Ready to Glo & a Give away in the following months.
Stay tuned to my Facebook page: LittleKiva & Youtube channel: LittleKiva
DIY lotion in light/medium
250ml bottle
  • Instant color guide
  • Streak-free
  • Fast drying
  • Lasts up to 10days
  • Boyfriend friendly scented!
I know that the most complaints about a false tan is the scent/smell
 When a tan is developing its usually at its strongest.
 I don't believe that any brand can be completely rid of the smell. 
However wow brown have done a pretty good job of it!

The scent they provide is actually a really girly smell & doesn't have that tang a regular fake tan would.
Anytime I apply it now, it reminds me of 'Tan Thursdays' 
& getting ready for an occasion to look & feel wonderful
One of the best things about this tan is that it has a color guide.

Ever tried applying a tan that is transparent?
 Its impossible to know what you're doing & usually results in streaks or blotches!

Wow brown haver that covered.
'Above' you can see the consistency of the DIY lotion & color pay off.
It also can be used on your face & Body
This golden brown tone is suppose to be used as a color quide.
So when applying the tan you can apply it evenly, without over laying an area that you have already done.
It also prevents streaks & blotches.

You put the wow brown tan on the night before 'the big event' 
& the next day its advised that you wash off this color guide to reveal your true wow brown tan.

If you are in a rush & you missed out on 'tan thursday' you can apply the tan the day of the event
 & leave to develop throughout the day. 
After 8 hours the color guide can be rinsed off just before you leave 
or if you have the time, leave it for longer for a darker base.
If you are in a huge rush, you can apply the tan & leave to dry for about 30mins or so before getting dressed.
It will develope throughout the day/night & you will become darker.
However the color guide is designed to wash off, so make sure not to spill a drink or get caught in the rain! 

*Be aware that your true tan may be lighter than the color guide after it is rinsed off.
'Above' is a picture of my arm with the DIY light/medium tan
before the color guide is rinsed away.
My Tips on applying wow brown & knowing what color to choose....

False tan can be used on very pale to medium/dark skintones
You can use tan to give your skin a light natural glow for the winter months 
or fake it with a deep dark tan.
Choosing a tan will depend on what over all look you want to go for.
It will depend on your skin tone what way the tan will develop.

If your skin is naturally pale & you do not tan easily in the sun, false tan will not deepen as much as someones skin that will naturally pick up colour in the sun.

For much darker skin tones, false tan can be used to give the skin a healthier finish & can be used in areas, such as legs to add pigmentation where the skin can be lighter.
My Tips for applying false tan

Exfoliate your body & moisturize well in the days coming up to your tan application.
My day for tanning is '#Tan Thursday' as I always apply my false tan on Thursdays in preparation for the weekend

  1. All week I exfoliate & moisturize my face & body. 
  2.  I shower on Thursday morning, exfoliating my skin with a good body scrub or exfoliating gloves.
  3. After this shower I do not apply moisturizer, as this will prevent your tan from seeping down into the layers of skin.
  4. I use Wow Brown on a velvet tanning mitt, using a fluffy brush to buff out any streaks/lines
  5. Stay naked... Wait 5minutes for the tan to set.
  6. Sleep tight.
  7. Wake up like a little chocolate brownie :) 
  8. Wash off color guide - (advised but optional)
However to prevent darkness in areas such as elbows, knees & heels 
you can apply a thicker cream to that area.
A tanning mitt is essential

However there are some really hideous mitts out there 
& to a tanning virgin these mitts are hard to spot. 

The best mitts you can get are velvet tanning mitts like the one 'above'
Hard to find but well worth the search if you want the perfect tan.
Google is your best option if you've no luck finding them in the shops.

Most mitts that are cheap, are sponge material & absorb most of the product.
They scrape the skin, giving you a streaky finish & take off what you're trying to put on.
A velvet mitt will give you a much smoother even finish.

* Tips & Tricks
When applying tan try apply it in the same direction & do not go over the same area twice with more product as this can lead to blotchiness.
Try put on the amount you need in the first application.
You can always add another coat the next day, if its too light.
A must have for me when applying a false tan is a soft fluffy brush!
I don't share this secret with many but for my readers of course...

I use my mitt to apply the DIY tanning lotion from Wow Brown on main areas.
Before the area sets/drys I use my large fluffy brush from Sigma to buff out any lines or streaks giving you a flawless finish!

This brush is large enough to be used on the body.
The cream/liquids do not distort the bristles.
This particular brush is from Sigma.
It is the: F20
Another brush I would love to buy for face & body bronzing is the: B05
You could also use the: F45 kabuiki brush
 So there's all my Tips, Tricks & Honest opinion on Wow Brown Tanning products.

Products can be purchased from

This is an Irish brand 
created by Fran & Donna 
Which I'm really proud to say.
Supporting Irish business's

Shipping takes about a day within Ireland.
International shipping.

Recently launched in Superdrug UK.
Their website simple & easy to use!

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