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Review - Ben Nye: Banana powder & Maq pro

Here are some recent products I have purchased
My thoughts & tips....

First up two products that work well together but are also amazing individually
Ben Nye: Banana powder 
Maq pro: 10palette PP.01
€22 excl. tax
I bought these two little beauties from a small secluded store in Co.Wicklow called Sunaura
Let's start with Maq pro...
This was my first time trying out a product from Maq pro.
 This palette is 30ml & in the shade: PP.01

I was firstly drawn in by the packaging.
Simple, compact, see thru & professional, I would say.
Great for a make up artist as all your cream concealers/correctors are in this one small palette, which is about the size of the palm of your hand.
See thru, so if you do buy a few different colored palettes(which they have) you can easily see what you're looking for.
The product can be scrapped out onto a mental palette for hygiene, to avoid cross contamination.

This particular palette would be used to conceal, highlight, shade, correct & add coverage.
Shades can be used individually or mixed together to create different tones.
This product is well pigmented, high in coverage, creamy & light weight. It does not set by itself. Powder can be used to set this product or to reduce shine.
 This palette would best suit very light to medium/dark skin tones.
Yellow shades can be used to highlight the skin, yellow can be lightened using white.
I like to use peach to correct purple tones under the eye area.
The darker browns can be used to conceal medium/dark skin tones or used as a contour on a lighter skin tone.
I love the consistency of this product, works well on most skin types.
Not too creamy, not powdery & blends beautifully.

Would I repurchase?
Next up 
Ben Nye: Banana powder
€12.50 excl. tax
Semi-Translucent powder

As you can see above the Maq pro palette & Ben Nye powder work well together.
Perfect for recreating a Kim Kardashian sculpted/highlighted face.

The Ben Nye powder comes in a couple of different colors & different containers.
White, pink, yellow, tan & brown. The names of the shades are: Buff, cameo, banana & beige suede. 
These different shades are designed to suit different skin tones from very light to very dark.

That's why I would call this powder a semi translucent powder, as it can be seen slightly on the skin because its consistency is not as finely milled as some other translucent powders.
This particular shade: banana is best suited to medium/dark skin tones.
The reason being is, if you applied this powder on a very light skin tone it may not show up as a highlight. In fact it could actually darken the highlighted area & give it a yellow tinge.
If this powder is applied to a very dark skin tone it may show up too yellow/ashy in the highlighted areas.
You must get the correct powder to match your cream/liquid highlight 
or the Ben Nye powder will not work sufficiently.

This is a matte powder & will set your highlight in place,
in tern giving your highlighted areas a matte finish!

I have oily skin & it mattified area for much longer than a regular pressed powder.

Be aware; This powder is mainly for highlighting, so the correct tone of powder needs to match the highlight you will be using.
It will highlight the area but in a matte finish!
Can be used with a sponge to pack on or a soft brush for a more natural finish.
Brush I would use to buff off access powder would be the Sigma E40

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