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Invisalign - clearbraces.ie

Invisalign also known as 'clear braces' are hugely popular for all the right reasons.
Of course there are other options of braces available on the market.
However after going ahead with Invisalign at Dental options - Clane 
I have lots of information on them, my own personal opinions & experiences, you may find very helpful when deciding what to do about your smile.

As you may know I'm a Beauty guru & Make up artist.
I'm up close & personal with people everyday.
Filming videos & been on camera in HD will show up all your flaws.
 Giving people a chance to recognise imperfections even more than they could do, in person.  

 In the past my teeth didn't bother me because they had only minor problems.
However overtime teeth can become worse & as you get wisdom teeth or movement happens, this can cause over lapping etc.
I also found that I was talking all about beauty related things 
& a nice smile is one of the most beautiful things a person can have.

I began to look more & more at my teeth in pictures & in editing.
Then realised, they where actually taking away from make up looks I spent so long creating.

Why choose Invisalign?
Well I think its fairly obvious... 
Because they're clear you can go about your day/night 
without people noticing you're in the process of straightening your teeth.
Unlike fixed braces 'train tracks' you can take your aligner in & out.
However, it is recommended that you wear your aligner as much as possible,
to achieve the best & quickest results.
I feel like it is easier to see your teeth changing & moving as your able to pop the full aligner out.
If you have a big event in the process of fixing your smile you can remove the aligner for pictures etc.
Also because you take the aligner out when eating there is no chance of it being stained.
With train tracks you are advised not to eat curry or sauces that could lead to staining your brace & make your teeth look yellow.
With Invisalign, I drink & eat what I like, which is great.

What is Invisalign?
Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. You will be fitted with a clear plastic aligner, that has been designed & molded to fit & correct your teeth. 
 When you go in to get fitted for your aligners your dentist is able to show you a computer generated 3D model of your teeth, which shows what your teeth could look like at the end of the treatment.
I think its amazing that they can actually show you the final result before you begin treatment.
 Something I've never seen before.

What is an Aligner?
An aligner is a piece of clear plastic that has been designed by a computer & comes in a range of different shapes to fit specifically for your teeth only.
Your aligners are made by impressions of your teeth, these are scanned, uploaded onto a computer & that’s how they get the 3D model of your teeth.
 The aligner sits tight against your teeth only, it does not cover your gums.
It is cut exactly to the same shape as your teeth & gums to make it less visible.
Depending on how long your treatment is for, will depend on how many aligners you will get.
Above you can see my lower aligner.
From left, you can see the bottom of the aligner which is the bottom shape of my teeth, shaping around my gums.
Right, you can see that"s the top of my teeth.
This is pushed down over the top of your teeth & fits flush.
Some teeth may have small attachments stuck onto your teeth which are also invisible & tiny.
These hold the aligner in place, also helping to pull your teeth in the direction they need to be, for straightening.

How often do do you change your Aligners?
The normal required time to change your aligners is every 2 weeks, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.
At the start of the 2 weeks the aligners can be tight & then they gradually loosen as your teeth are pushed into the next position. This happens every time you put in a new aligner.
 I recommend that when you are due to change to your next aligner, do it before you go to bed so you have a few hours before you need to take It out again.

How many Aligners do you get?
For my treatment I have received 16 in total. I'm currently on my 5th aligner.
This is a great way to count & estimate how quickly your teeth are moving.

What is an attachment?
Attachments are small pieces of clear composite "bumps" that are bonded to the teeth. Your aligner is designed to fit tight to these to begin movement.
These small attachments are also used to hold your aligner in place & pull the teeth into the correct position.
Not every tooth needs an attachment. This will all depend on how severe your case is & what teeth need to be moved. During each stage of treatment, only certain teeth are allowed to move.
When you remove your aligner from your teeth, the attachments are next to invisible.
As you can see from the upper teeth in the image above.
Your aligner will be made into the shape of the attachment so it will clip firmly to the teeth.
In some cases the attachment can be placed on teeth that are hidden, therefore they are completely invisible to the eye.
Here is a picture of my teeth with Invisalign .
You can barely see the attachments & this picture is a close up.
My left front tooth has an attachment & my left tooth after my canine.
You can see they are the total opposite to wearing fixed braces 'train tracks'.
As you can go about your day with a natural looking smile.

I have both upper & lower aligners.
 Above, you can see an image of my upper aligner.
You can see the over lap in my two front teeth & were some other teeth need to be pulled back to make room.
You may also notice the areas on the aligner in which it will cover the attachments on my teeth.
How do you know which aligner to use next?
Above you can see small text placed on each aligner.
Each stating what stage its for & if its for upper or lower.
This specific aligner is for L(lower) 04 (meaning it is my forth aligner for my lower teeth)
These all come in individual sealed packets so you don't get mixed up.
Above, this packet states; I'm opening my fifth aligner out of 16 in total.
This packet contains upper & lower.
So its a super easy plan to follow & if your traveling you can throw the next set in your luggage.

How long does it take?
 It can take from 6 months upwards, this will all depend on how severe your case is.
When you visit clear braces & want to go ahead with  your treatment they will be able to give you an estimated amount of time that you will have them for.

Do they hurt?
I have been wearing mine since the 1st of November now & I'm on my 5th aligner.
I feel no pain from them at all, it just feels like I'm wearing a small bleaching tray to whiten my teeth.
The only time my teeth ever would feel slightly tender is when I put a new aligner in or the first three days of wearing them, as this is something new for your mouth & teeth to adjust to, which is totally normal.
I wouldn't say it was a sore feeling just a little pressure on your teeth, as the new aligner will be tight to help movement.

Can you see results?
I can defiantly see a huge change in my teeth, in my smile & confidence.
When you can see your teeth are much straighter, you smile more & I notice I'm not embarrassed to smile in pictures.
Above, here is a horrific before picture of my teeth. 
Excuse my lipstick, the dentist took this picture after I got the molds done for the aligners.
2months into my treatment. Huge improvement already.
Teeth are beginning to be in the right place.
If this is what they look like now I can't wait to see them when I get to my final aligner.
I will be updating you in a video on my youtube channel to show you the progress, results & additional thoughts.

Why did I choose to go with Invisalign with clearbraces.ie?
After researching everything I found that clearbraces.ie are actually Ireland's no:1 providers of Invisalign.
Their website was so easy to view. Along with looking through their videos & gallery of previous clients with before & after pictures. It made me immediately want to contact them. So glad i did.

What is the cost?
The first thing that comes to mind is the cost.
As soon as people see how my teeth have changed & what they look like so far,  the cost doesn't seem to matter to them because your teeth are there for life & they're usually the first thing people look at.

However I know the perfect smile isn't always cheap but with clearbraces.ie they make it really affordable, as they have simple payment plans.
Depending on what you need when it comes to Invisalign, will estimate the final cost.
All braces are expensive.
However with clearbraces.ie they come in at about €2500-€3850
There are no hidden costs attached. You must be careful with this if you are looking up prices on  other websites. 

Price Includes:
  • All your appointments
  •  Whitening
  •  Your removable retainers at the end of treatment
  •  Patient dvd with the 3D model of your teeth & your before photographs so you can track your progress

Payment options:
There are 3 options to pay for your treatment:

  • Option 1 - pay in full and receive a 5% DISCOUNT.
  • Option 2 - pay €2,000 at the start and the balance after 6 months.
  • Option 3 - INTEREST FREE. Pay a deposit of €500 followed by monthly payments of €250 until the balance is paid.

They have made it really simple. With no hidden charges.
This would be an amazing 21st or 30th birthday present, Christmas or valentines gift.
Or even just a gift to yourself. 
I can honestly say..
Getting Invisalign from clearbrraces.ie was one of the best choices I've made.
I don't think you realise that until you make the decision to correct your smile 
or you see someone elses. 
Your teeth are in your mouth for life, you feel ten times better with a perfect smile.
It's made a huge difference to my appearance so far.
So I hope this blog post has helped you make a final decision. 
I can't wait to show you the final result.
I will leave all their information below.
If you're curious...
I'm getting my Invisalign done at Dental options in Clane general hospital, Co.Kildare
Who are a member of clearbraces.ie
They have been so nice to me, each time I've been in with them.
I would definitely recommend to go there if you are living in Co.Kildare area.
Dr. Barry Buckley has been looking after me there.

Find an Invisalign provider 'Here' 
Contact clearbraces.ie by mail 'Here' 

Contact info:
Tel: 1800 33 43 53 
email: info@clearbraces.ie

Thank you for stopping by...

Love always,
Little Kiva

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