Friday, 21 February 2014

Topshop - Highlighter: Crescent moon

This highlighter is from Topshop's Make up line.
It's one of two shades.

Mine is in: Crescent moon
This particular shade is best suited for pale-medium skin tones.
Hihglighter is designed to highlight areas
& bring radiance to the skin, where it's placed.

The other shade is called: Sun beam
It's more of a golden tone & best suited for medium-dark skin tones.
Basic packaging with no Mirror.
Contains: 6.5grams / 0.22oz
Can be found in most Topshop outlets.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find it on their online store, 
hopefully they will begin selling it there too.
This highlighter reminds me of Mac's mineralize skin finishes (MSF's)
by the look & consistency of the product.

A dense, nicely pigmented powder with no chalkiness that is soft to the touch.
Can be used wet or dry.
Using a product like fix+ from mac will give a less powdery finish with high pigmentation.
 A little product goes a long way.
A light Opel pink, pearl finish which compliments nearly all skin tones.
Can be used on the Face or Body to enhance areas & give illusion of light.
Perfect for inner corner of the eye, brow bone, cheek bones, cupids bow, collar bones etc.
The compact is the same size as a regular powder compact from most brands.
In it's compact, it doesn't look like much..
It may even look like a regular face powder with shine, however..
Swatched it is beautiful!
It actually sits even nicer on top of cream products/foundation.
Using it with a mixing medium or wet, 
will condense the amount of powder in the product down, 
turning it into more of a paste, for extra dimension & high shine
Above, I used crescent moon on top of Tom ford's cream highlight (which is unreal by the way)
& my skin nearly looked wet it was so radiant & glowing.
I personally think it's nice to have a glow in areas of your skin, 
so it doesn't look dull, matte or cakey.
Sometimes the more matte you set your skin the more makeup/powder it looks like you have on, 
in my opinion.
A nice sized brush to apply it, depending on what finish you're looking for 
is the Sigma F64: 'Shop here'

Would I repurchase this Topshop highlighter, in the shade: Crescent moon?

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